now a complimentary feature
of Total Tyre Control™

Total Tyre Control™ App plugin is now a complimentary feature of Total Tyre Control™ and its derivatives. With the Total Tyre Control™ App plugin and the Total Tyre Control™ App users can synchronize their data to the cloud for collection by their supported mobile device.

Once you have installed and downloaded data to your mobile device, you can access tyre and rim details on a iPad/iPhone or Android device. After data collection, synchronize your field activities back to the cloud for validation and processing by your Total Tyre Control™ system.

Work offline

We understand that in the field it's not always possible to be connected to the internet. That's why we've designed the TTC App to only require an internet connection while you initally download your data and when you're ready to upload your work at the end of the day. Out in the field your'll remain free to browse all your data, and record new data. Then sync with the cloud when you get back to the office.

Browse your TTC data

Access your Total Tyre Control™ data with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Search through all your applications, vehicles and wheelparts. View running inventory, wheel-part history and find available stock. All from the palm of your hand!

Record pressure and tread audits

No more paper! Inspect your vehicles and record the hour clock/odometer, pressures, tread-depths and more. Then upload your findings to the secure cloud and access it from TTC Earthmover. It's simple, secure and time-saving.

Schedule maintenance (intervention activities)

Observed a cut tyre in need of attention? Then simply create a scheduled maintenance activity, add some comments and set the priority for attention. Back in the office your Total Tyre Control™ systems alert reporting will make sure you don't miss attending to this intervention.