OTR Tyre Service Training (TIA Recognised)

KLINGE are approved & experienced Tire Industry Association (TIA) trainers, with over 20 years of training experience and over 1,000 tire technicians trained globally. KLINGE™ deliver training globally at 3 levels; Basic; Advanced & Trainer level. TIA Training is delivered only by experienced trainers’ with hands on experience in the field. KLINGE trainers are available to travel to mine sites or dealer workshops to deliver training anywhere in the world and are well versed in mine site and international travel protocol.

KLINGE are pioneers in the OTR Tire Service Training industry in the past when KLINGE operated a tyre maintenance company we were a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia where we trained our own tyre servicemen. Today we continue our proud promotion of quality OTR tyre service training with the Tire Industry Association to any person that needs it.


(Tyre Application Risk Management)

TyreARM™ is a proprietary auditing & reporting software tool developed by KLINGE to audit and benchmark key facets of on-site tyre maintenance & management. It was originally developed by KLINGE to use internally to benchmark our own sites, when we provided tyre service to clients. TyreArm™ focusses on four (4) critical areas:

  • Tyre Service
  • Tyre Management
  • Tyre Use
  • Tyre Environment

TyreARM™ can be customised to include all four critical areas, or you can select your area of focus relative to your current needs. The results of a TyreARM™ audit are a transparent, repeatable & actionable reports that contain practical solutions to complex challenges. The benefits include visibility of high-risk activities, creation of valuable continuous improvement initiatives, compliance with safety and health standards, increase in safety culture and productivity gains through improved tyre performance.

TyreARM™ audits have been completed across 5 continents over 15 years and are only conducted by KLINGETyre Management Content Experts. KLINGEhas the experience, knowledge and passion to help keep your people safe & efficient, and your tyre performance optimised.

Tyre Management Content Experts (TMCE)

KLINGE’s global experience in the specialist field of Tyre Management began over 30 years ago and continues today. Our consulting services are delivered by KLINGE Tyre Management Content Experts (TMCE) and are designed to deliver specialist knowledge, recommendations & more to our clients as a congruent service to our Tyre Management Software business. The below are key areas that KLINGE Tyre Management Content Expert’s specialise in:

  • Tyre Safety, Risk Management & Incident Investigation
  • Tyre Data Analysis, & Tyre Management Strategy
  • Benchmarking and Audits via KLINGE TyreArm™ software
  • Tyre Management Coaching & Education
  • Speaking Engagements & Presentations

KLINGE provides TMCE assistance for dealing with sporadic tyre management challenges, through to the acute and most difficult problems faced by OTR tyre users. This TMCE assistance will keep OTR tyre users at the tip of the spear and puts our experience and knowledge to greater use.